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Two new exotic wine tours to Chile-Argentina and to South Africa

Two exclusive wine tours for the winter season 2018 have just been launched by BKWine, the wine travel specialist: a wine tour to Chile and Argentina in South America on January 27 to February 11, and a wine tour to South Africa on February 23 to March 5. Both tours take place when the grape harvest is in full swing in the southern hemisphere. The tours include several winery visits, gourmet meals, spectacular landscapes, and sight-seeing in the famous cities. More information on

Britt Karlsson, one of the founders of BKWine comments on the winter programmes: “Our two winter tours take the traveller on a whole range of unique experiences. For example, they will meet winemakers that usually do not receive visitors and taste wines with them, and also enjoy luxurious meals as guest at the vineyards. We want to give our travellers the perfect excuse to get away– at least for a while – from the darkest period of winter.”

Both tours are personally hosted and led by Britt and Per Karlsson, founders of BKWine, authors of nine award-winning wine books, as well as wine journalists in Europe and the USA. The tours include several winery visits with extensive private wine tastings, gourmet meals that showcase the local gastronomy, and also more classic tourist sight-seeing.

The wine and food tour to Chile and Argentina begins in Buenos Aires to continue to Mendoza, Argentina’s best known wine region, famous for its malbec wines. Chile is reached by route over the Andes mountain chain, with the road reaching over 10,000 feet altitude, a trip that in itself is spectacular. Several of Chile’s wine regions are included as is the legendary harbour city of Valparaìso as well as Santiago, where the tour ends. The gastronomy plays an important role on this trip, including the famous asado, the legendary barbecued South American meat. The cost for this 16-day tour is USD 6,200 (approx. 5,530 EUR). Britt comments on the programme: “It is an adventure to travel on a wine tour to Chile and Argentina. Two weeks packed with experiences. We taste many wines and enjoy much delicious food, often quite equilibristic meat grilling. You can’t do that for two weeks without a rest so there is also time to enjoy for example the spectacular landscapes, both in the Andes and on the Pacific coast.”

The wine and food tour to South Africa starts in Cape Town and takes the traveller on a route through several of South Africa’s wine regions, including of course Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, but also the super-trendy coastal districts Elgin and Walker Bay. A lot of attention is given to wine and food pairing with several gourmet meals at the vineyards. The traveller also has the possibility to choose an add-on of a few days exclusive safari, or a few days of golf, in connection with the wine tour. The price for the 10-day tour is 3,500 EUR (approx. USD 3,900). Britt comments on the wine tour: “South Africa is really a ‘hot’ wine country today. There are many young and ambitious winemakers that make fantastic world-class wines, only far too little known outside the country. The landscape is also majestic with many vineyards at the foot of dramatic mountain peaks.”

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