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Aeroflot enhances fleet with four Airbus A320 family aircraft

Aeroflot has taken delivery of its four new Airbus A320 family aircraft equipped with aerodynamic wing-tips known as Sharklets. The four new airliners include three Airbus A320 and an Airbus A321. All new aircraft are named in honour of outstanding Russian people who contributed a lot to artistic, cultural and scientific development.

VP-BFA Airbus A320 bears the name of Fyodor Shalyapin, world-famous opera singer, the best-known singer-actor of the first quarter of XXth century.

VP-BFG Airbus A320 bears the name of Georgy Flerov, a prominent physicist who is particularly known for his discovery of the spontaneous fission and his contribution towards the physics of  thermal reactions.

VP-BFE Airbus A320 bears the name of Isaac Levitan, one of Russia’s most influential landscape artists and the founder of the “mood landscape” genre.

VP-BFQ Airbus A321 bears the name of Alexander Alexandrov, a famous composer, the founder of the Alexandrov Ensemble, who wrote the music for the national anthem of Russia.

The A320 airliner is configured with 8 seats in business class and 150 seats in economy. The A321 airliner is designed in a two class composition with 16 seats in business and 167 in economy. Aeroflot operates Airbus A320 family aircraft across its European and domestic routes network.

A320 and A321 airplanes satisfy the highest reliability, safety and comfort standards and are considered among the best for mid-range flights.

Iuliia Tore

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