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Siberian Spa Launched at Four Seasons Hotel Moscow

Amnis Spa and Natura Siberica are now offering comprehensive new treatments using natural Russian components. Exclusively for Four Seasons Hotel Moscow, the Russian cosmetic brand has created a special collection of premium body care as well as limited edition beauty products for adults and children based on the extracts of wild Siberian herbs.

Guests can plunge into the atmosphere of Siberia’s natural serenity through massages, nourishing baths and wraps in a private treatment room at the luxurious Amnis Spa.

The unique philosophy of Natura Siberica is that all the components of natural spa experience, such as wild Siberian herbs and berries, precious seed oils and caviar, healing mud and seaweed of Kamchatka, are mixed in the client’s presence before the procedure starts, taking into account personal wishes.

The peaceful atmosphere of a Siberian spa starts at the Amnis reception hall, where the guests meet the calming aromas of Siberian cedar and sandalwood, designed by the perfumers of Natura Siberica exclusively for Four Seasons Hotel Moscow.

As a part of the collaboration of the two global brands, the specialists of Natura Siberica have created an exclusive collection of cosmetic products that are used at Amnis Spa. Natura Siberica refreshing shower gels, repair shampoos and conditioners present the invigorating freshness of cedar and enrich skin and hair with vitamins and microelements from the heart of Siberian herbs.

The collection of luxurious Spa by Natura Siberica for Amnis Spa includes four complex procedures for adults and one for children:

  • Anti-age Kamchatka Banya – 120 minutes
  • Nutrition and revival Altay Banya – 120 minuites
  • Detox and drainage – Khakassia – 120 minutes
  • Slim and lift – Baykal Banya – 120 minutes
  • Children’s spa experience – Taiga Berries – 45 minutes

Iuliia Tore

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