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NoTeddyLeftBehind Launches #NoTeddyLeftBehind Service

Few things can turn happy holiday memories into sad ones as quickly as a lost teddy. The number of teddy bears left behind on holiday is surprisingly high. A recent survey among the 10,000 holiday home owners on holiday rental specialist website revealed that a staggering 91% of holidaymakers leave something behind and nearly one third of the items left behind were teddy bears or children’s toys.

Little tourists and parents holidaying in Spain this summer will be pleased to know that a solution has been put in place to safeguard against forgotten soft toys.

With their motto “Lost, Found, Reunited”, the highly trained # NoTeddyLeftBehind Response Team are ready and waiting to track down lost teddy bears, give them reassuring cuddles and reunite them with their owners as fast as possible.

The relationship that you have with your teddy bear is like no other. Let’s be honest, even as adults, most us have got at least one special teddy bear from our childhood safely tucked away in the attic that we just can’t bear parting with.

Jannich Petersen, COO of, can relate to the trauma of losing a teddy on holiday. Until recently he believed that his cherished childhood companion, “cuddly monkey”, was tucked away in the attic. However, his parents recently made a shocking revelation that, when young Jannich lost his beloved monkey on holiday in America, only for it to be returned later, that they had actually replaced his cuddly companion with a brand-new imposter!  The skulduggery!!

“The devastation at losing my teddy as a young child is still fresh in my mind after all these years.” said Jannich Petersen.  “Of course, today’s tech-savvy younger generation tend to have an attachment to their electronic gadgets but even so, nothing can replace the affection for your teddy”.

“As a website offering family-friendly holiday accommodation, we like to know that all holidaymakers are enjoying their stay and that they take home with them fantastic memories of their holiday in Spain.”

Thankfully, no parent needs to resort to such levels of deception this summer since who offer self-catering accommodation in Spain, the Canary Islands, and the Balearic Islands, has pledged to make sure that no teddy is left behind on holiday.

The #NoTeddyLeftBehind service by this year, aims to reunite lost teddies with their owners.

Anyone, young or old, who has left their teddy behind on their holiday in Spain can get in touch directly with the #NoTeddyLeftBehind Response Team at or by email [email protected] or on social media with the hashtag #NoTeddyLeftBehind

Iuliia Tore

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