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Gulfstream Adds Maintenance Services at Paris-Le Bourget Airport

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. today announced it will enhance its support of customers traveling through Paris by positioning a Field and Airborne Support Team (FAST) at Paris-Le Bourget Airport, considered Europe’s busiest airport for business jet travelers.

The FAST unit comprises European Aviation Safety Agency-trained technicians and a 33-foot/10.1-meter-long custom truck outfitted with a range of specialty equipment.

“With many Gulfstream aircraft moving through daily, Le Bourget is an ideal location to have an on-site mobile repair team available to our customers,” said Derek Zimmerman, president, Gulfstream Product Support. “We’re initially focused on rapid-response assistance and looking at other ways to enhance our services.”

Gulfstream FAST includes dedicated aircraft in the U.S., specially equipped vehicles in the U.S. and Europe and more than 125 FAST-dedicated technicians worldwide, including England, Switzerland, France, Spain, Greece and Ukraine. Technicians can be dispatched by airplane, train, automobile or van and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Since forming in 2011, Europe-based Gulfstream FAST members have completed more than 2,400 missions to assist customers.

Gulfstream supports a growing fleet of more than 230 aircraft in Europe with resources throughout the continent, including Gulfstream Luton, the company-owned service center at London Luton Airport, which completed more than 2,100 aircraft visits and road trips in 2016.

Gulfstream maintains a parts inventory in Europe of approximately $100 million. Parts are positioned at Gulfstream Luton, the company’s European Parts Distribution Center near Heathrow Airport, and Basel, Switzerland.

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