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Most Travelled Football Superstars

Leading online travel agency have produced a ranking comparing the distances legendary football superstars travel during their careers. With the season in full swing, top players are not only travelling in their domestic leagues and cups, but internationally to engage in annual continental club competitions and official national team games. The Most Travelled Footballers provides a fascinating insight into the growing amount of travel top footballers have to endure.

The study is composed of two rankings: Active Footballers and Retired Players. These present a number of interesting analyses, such as the number of goals a player scores, the number of red cards they receive per 10,000 miles travelled, as well as their salary per mile travelled. While other footballers could have made the list, the players here were chosen based on number of appearances with a focus mainly on strikers and scoring midfielders, with the exception of two goal keepers.

The study also revealed the following interesting findings about active footballers:

  • Luis Suarez is carded 4.99 times per 10,000 miles travelled, the highest in this ranking, closely followed by Wayne Rooney (4.75 per 10,000 miles) and Robin van Persie (3.64)

  • Carlos Tevez is paid the most per mile at $1,625.68, followed by Robin van Persie ($1,082.10) and Wayne Rooney ($1,015.63)

  • Cristiano Ronaldo has travelled 545,294.46 miles since his first division debut in 2002. He scores 10.64 goals and is carded 1.80 times per 10,000 miles travelled and is paid $637.89 per mile.  

“Here at, we help thousands of fans each year to follow their teams, some of whom travel to every away game” says Stephen Davis, CMO at “It’s interesting to see just how far players have to travel in order to compete at the highest level. On top of this are the millions of miles that fans clock up when they follow their teams across the globe. We can often track which team is playing where, by flight searches made on”

  • David Beckham is the 6th most travelled player with 481,441.98 miles travelled over his 21 year career from 1992-2013. Beckham averaged 3.03 goals and 3.20 cards per 10,000 miles travelled, making him the most carded retired player per mile.
  • The player with the most goals per 10,000 miles travelled is Pele with 25.63. Pele travelled 468,250.10 miles throughout his career, from 1956-1977.
  • Zinedine Zidane was the 5th most travelled player with 551,324.04 miles travelled over the duration of his 21 year career, which lasted from 1989-2006.

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