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Transavia launches new routes

Transavia launches two new routes for this summer season: Amsterdam – Helsinki and Eindhoven – Stockholm. The two flights today mark the launch of fourteen new routes: eight from Amsterdam, five from Rotterdam and one from Eindhoven.

In April, Transavia will be launching the routes between Amsterdam and Ljubljana (3 x per week), Belgrade (3 x per week), Almeria (3 x per week) and Reus (2 x per week). In May, we will be adding Sofia (3 x per week), Katowice (3 x per week) and Tirana (3 x per week).

The airline will also be launching new routes from Rotterdam in April. The first is to be launched this week: Rotterdam – Venice (4 x per week). Soon to be followed by Bergerac (5 x per week), Pisa (4 x per week) and Valencia (4 x per week). And as of July, we will also be operating flights to and from Pula (3 x per week).
With the launch of these fourteen new routes, Transavia is strengthening its position in the Dutch market with a wide selection of city trips, beach holidays and business destinations for everyone.

Iuliia Tore

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  • If I had to tell you, guys you must see Katowice. The way, that this city has changed during last 10 years is unbelievable. From just a small, provincial city it developed into a cultural music gateway, with perfect music hall of NOSPR (it’s spectacular, it really is) to great philharmonics, and almost each of the squares and streets is occupied by guys singing, playing the guitars etc. I was really inspired