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Japan Airlines updates spirits selections in the First Class and Business Class

Japan Airlines (JAL) will be serving the following champagne, wines, and Japanese sake selections in the First Class and Business Class on its international flights for FY2017. (Services will commence from March 2017.)

JAL wine advisor, Motohiro Ogoshi has been working with qualified sommeliers among JAL’s cabin crew (flying sommeliers), to select outstanding in-flight beverages for customers. JAL is offering a collection of carefully selected Japanese sake from all over Japan including standout brands as well as rare and seasonal collections, pursuing high quality to meet meticulous requirements from customers. In-flight wines are collected from all over world including domestic wine.

The JAL Group will continue to introduce high quality beverages from various places around the world including Japan. Additionally the airline will develop more innovative in-flight services to deliver a satisfying and relaxing travel experience to its customers.

Japanese sake*The selection is subject to change.

table 11.png

  • Business Class


【Champagne and Wine】 *The selection is subject to change.

-First Class-

TABLE 2.png

  • September 2017 ~ February 2018

TABLE 3.png


Business Class- *The selection is subject to change.

TABLE 4.png

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