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Aeroflot to carry surfing and diving equipment free of charge

Aeroflot passengers flying to and from Male, Bangkok, Phuket and Ho Chi Minh City can now transport a complete set of surfing or diving equipment weighing up to 23 kg for free.

Surfing equipment can include a surfboard, set of fins, mountings, wetsuits, hydro shoes and other accessories weighing up to a total of 5 kg. Diving equipment may include a buoyancy compensator, wetsuit, helmet, gloves, boots or fins, and additional equipment (pressure gauge, regulator, snorkelling mask, etc), again weighing up to a total of 5 kg.

This offer runs through 28 October 2017, with return flights no later than 28 November 2017 (inclusive). Free transportation of equipment is available on Aeroflot own flights (under SU code) and on flights operated by subsidiary airlines under Aeroflot’s commercial management.

Iuliia Tore

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