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S7 Airlines and Tinkoff Bank have presented a co-brand bank card

S7 Airlines and Tinkoff Bank have presented the first co-brand card, which allows the frequent flyers of S7 Priority to obtain the Silver status in the loyalty program simply making daily purchases.

Members of S7 Priority can choose out of four types of cards: credit, debit, standard MasterCard World, or a premium MasterCard Black Edition. If you open two cards, both debit and credit, the miles will be credited to the joint account.

The co-brand card of S7 Airlines and Tinkoff Bank offers the most beneficial terms for the accumulation of miles. For every 60 rubles spent with such a card, the participant receives up to 1,5 miles with the World card and up to 2 miles with the Black Edition card, and for the purchases at S7 Airlines, either on the website or through the call center, 3 and 4 miles respectively. Purchases with Tinkoff Bank partners can bring up to 18 miles for every 60 rubles spent.

Spending with other joint bank cards made it possible to accumulate miles for a premium ticket, but the increase of S7 Priority program status could only be made by making flights. The holder of S7 — Tinkoff card obtains the Silver status when the card turnover reaches 800,000 rubles or more in a quarter, and can also upgrade the service level on S7 Airlines flights.

The Silver status S7 Priority members are entitled to free baggage transportation regardless of the airfare, they can freely choose the comfortable seats on board the aircraft, they receive more miles for flights with S7 Airlines and can skip the queue when registering for a flight at the business class check-in desk.

“The co-brand card of S7 Airlines and Tinkoff Bank is a unique product. For the first time, the bank card users can obtain an elite status in the program and take advantage of it — to carry more baggage, get comfortable seats in the cabin. The beneficial terms and the numerous partners, for the purchases with which you gain extra miles, let you accumulate miles faster for an award flight and make this card the most beneficial on the current market”, Anton Eremin, S7 Group General Director, notes.

Oliver Hughes, the Chairman of the Board of Tinkoff Bank comments, “We are pleased to announce our cooperation with S7 Airlines and the launch of the new co-brand card S7 — Tinkoff. As part of our cooperation, we have offered our customers the terms that could not be found in any other loyalty program in the world. To obtain the maximum benefit, the holders of new co-brand cards need to be actively engaged in purchases using these cards and to plan their travels with S7 Airlines themselves”.

Holders of S7 — Tinkoff cards with sufficient turnover in the first three months of card usage can be rewarded in addition to the miles, credited for turnover: 12,000 miles on the MasterCard World card and 20,000 miles on the MasterCard Black Edition card. 12,000 miles are enough for an award ticket, for example, from Moscow to Tyumen and back, and, after accumulating 20,000 miles, you can travel from Moscow to one of the European cities of the S7 Airlines route network and back.

The holders of credit or debit MasterCard Black Edition cards are granted the right to use business lounges at more than 850 airports around the world, the right to use the concierge service, free travel insurance, and other privileges.

The S7 Priority member can spend their accumulated miles on award tickets of S7 Airlines, of other 13 airlines, which are the members of oneworld® global airline alliance, including American Airlines, British Airways, JAL, Qatar Airways, Qantas, and others, as well as Emirates airlines. In addition, in exchange for miles, you can upgrade your service class from economy to business on S7 Airlines flights.

Tickets to S7 Airlines flights in exchange for miles are always available, even if there is only one seat left, so the cardholders will have no problem with spending miles. The accumulated miles will never expire if the holder uses his card in a comfortable manner, it is enough to accumulate 5,000 miles per year paying for goods and services with the card.

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