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Visit Wales announces new ambassador

Luke Evans, star of multiple Hollywood blockbusters including the upcoming Beauty and the Beast (Disney, March 17), has become the latest Welsh celebrity to back the Visit Wales 2017 Year of Legends tourism campaign. Year of Legends brings Wales’ epic past to life like never before, with attractions, events and activities designed to lure tourists to legendary locations throughout the country.

Luke_16x9Evans joins a line-up of Welsh celebrities including Game of Thrones star Iwan Rheon and songstress-presenter Cerys Matthews, announced as ambassadors this past January. They will highlight their home country as a nation whose rich storytelling tradition contributed to legends like King Arthur and the myths of Avalon as well as literary works like Alice in Wonderland and Lord of The Rings.

Evans said of his involvement in Wales’ Year of Legends campaign: “I am excited to get behind Wales as we share some of our most fascinating stories with visitors from all over the world. Growing up, Welsh myths and legends were very much a part of my culture, and their impact can still be seen today if you know where to look. There is so much emerging talent in Wales today, and so many world-class attractions. 2017 really feels like the right time to celebrate and share our heritage and how it impacts us today and into the future.”

Evans first appearance as a Year of Legends Ambassador is in a new Visit Wales promotional video, which celebrates Wales’ myths and legends and invites visitors to, “find your epic, deep in the soul of Wales”. It can be viewed on the Visit Wales YouTube Channel, Facebook page and on It will be airing as an advertisement in the UK.

This announcement falls on St David’s Day, which commemorates one of Wales’ best known legends and the country’s patron saint. St David was born in the 6th century, grew up to be Archbishop of Wales, and performed several miracles throughout the course of his life. Before his death on March 1st, David encouraged his followers to “do the little things you have seen me do” – a sentiment of kindness and giving that lives on in Wales throughout the year.

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