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New Zealand Aviation Security Service selects Safe Skies® as accepted luggage lock

Travel security has never been more important.  Ensuring travelers that all safety measures are being upheld is a priority for airports and aviation centers worldwide. New Zealand Aviation Security Service (AVSEC) is committed to adopting advanced security measures, which is why the agency has signed an agreement with Safe Skies, the leader in worldwide travel lock technology.  Through this partnership, Safe Skies is recognized as an accepted luggage lock for travelers to, from and within New Zealand.  

safe_skies_luggage_locksSafe Skies luggage locks allow security personnel to open and relock baggage when physical inspections are needed, providing passengers with the peace of mind that their luggage will arrive at their destination locked, and intact.  With the industry’s most comprehensive selection of combination locks, padlocks and luggage straps, travelers have a vast array of baggage protection to choose from. 

“The safety of our visitors and New Zealand residents is unequivocally our top priority, so we’re constantly looking for the most innovative tools and technology that will enhance our security and keep travelers’ minds at ease,” said Mark Wheeler, General Manager, AVSEC.  “With Safe Skies luggage locks, AVSEC security personnel have the master tools to unlock and inspect baggage without damaging the passenger’s property.  The locks help keep our operations more efficient and our travelers happier.”

Protected by multiple patents, Safe Skies Locks display the proprietary torch symbol, allowing baggage screening officers to easily identify these special locks, open them and re-lock the luggage if a physical inspection is required.  In addition, all Safe Skies Luggage Locks come with a lifetime warranty and a hassle-free replacement policy in case the lock is clipped or damaged during travel.

“Travelers lock their luggage for protection, and expect their bags to arrive in the same condition as they were left off – Safe Skies locks will help ensure that happens,” said David Tropp, Founder of Safe Skies.  “Our patented technology makes it easier for security officers to perform physical inspections without having to cut off the locks, something both AVSEC and travelers appreciate.  We all want to feel safe when we travel, and that’s part of the Safe Skies’ goal.”

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