Passengers now choosing health over comfort food at 30,000 feet

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Heathrow’s on-board meal sales reveal how passengers have responded to the rise of clean eating. 2016 data shows a trend towards lighter meals with sushi now taking the number one place for dining at 30,000 feet while more refillable bottles than ever are being recharged in the departure lounge. 


Lighter luggage

While delicate sushi meals have been crowned king of the skies, sandwiches and salads under 500 calories still feature in the top five as the second and third items most craved at 30,000 feet.

Top 5 on-board meals in 2016: Top 5 on-board meals in 2015:
  1. Sushi
  2. Sandwiches
  3. Salads
  4. Noodles
  5. Pasta
  1. Sandwiches
  2. Pastries
  3. Pasta
  4. Pizza
  5. Salads

Avocado now boarding

Avocado is also proving to be the most coveted ingredient for both meals taken on-board and eaten in restaurants.  The popular fruit is now a staple ingredient across dishes including sushi, sandwiches, noodles and salads in grab and go outlets with sales increasing by 23% year on year.

Wellness has a global impact

The rise of the wellness movement and the popularity of clean eating celebrities has boosted grain based salads, which have jumped up the list to third, with sales increasing by 17%. Meanwhile refillable bottles have become a staple for savvy travellers with Heathrow’s 100 water fountains being used more than ever by passengers topping up before boarding.

2016 also saw more outlets move lighter, healthier snack items like fruit and nuts closer to the till to accommodate busy passengers looking for an alternative to crisps for their on-board snack. These lighter bites have grown significantly as a category with sales up by 13%.

International indulgence

Sales of Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food picnics, Fortnum & Mason’s hamperlings and Caviar House’s seafood hampers have seen double digit growth demonstrating passengers also want great quality in convenient picnic-ready packaging on the move.

As the only airport to provide takeaway options from every restaurant, Heathrow passengers can choose from a wide variety of both healthy and comforting food at over 118 outlets. From this week, food ambassadors will be in terminals to help passengers decide what they might like to eat when they fly. Whether they might want a bowl of noodles en-route to Canada, or a feast of traditional smoked salmon sandwiches during their flight to Thailand, there is an option to suit every taste bud.

Heathrow’s Head of Food and Beverage Ben Crowley said; “Everyone who travels through Heathrow can enjoy first class dining at 30,000 feet.  Our team is dedicated to ensuring every customer has a great range of quality meals to choose at Heathrow – our passengers can enjoy amazing food from around the world even before they reach their destination.”

Food ambassadors will be in terminals from 11 January.

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