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LOTTE Presents New Privilege Reward Program

LOTTE Hotels & Resorts presents a new and improved Privilege Reward Program in order to provide better services and more benefits to our members.

20150828191741896_1In the future, you will be able to earn the same points and enjoy the same benefits at all hotels of LOTTE in Korea and overseas.

▶ Effective Date : March 1, 2016 ~

▶ Key Changes
1. Membership Levels : 1 membership level → 4 membership levels (Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum)
※ Members will be able to achieve differentiated services and benefits with more stays. [Details to be announced.] 2. Point Name : Privilege Point → P-Point
3. Point Conversion Unit : 1 point → 100 point = USD 1
※ On March 1, 2016, all points held in balance will be multiplied by 100 times.
4. Awarding Points Ratio : Rooms 5%, F&B 1% → Rooms, F&B 3~6% (additional points awarded based on membership status)
※ F&B outlets can only be earned when room charged on qualifying stays.
5. Point Awarded Time : On the same day → On the following day
6. Minimum Redeeming Points :
– Rooms 100P ($100) → 1,000P ($10)
– F&B 10P ($10) → 1,000P ($10)
– Duty Free Shop 100P ($100) → 10,000P ($100)
7. Benefits : 20-30% discount on room rack rate → Differentiated benefits by member status, such as F&B discounts [Details to be announced.]

▶ New membership terms and conditions will be announced in the future. Details will be sent to the contact information (E-mail) you provided.

▶ If there is no objection or request for termination of membership, the changes will be made on March 1, 2016.

▶ LOTTE Hotels & Resorts will strive to provide more satisfying services to our members going forward.

Iuliia Tore

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