Louis Vuitton City Guides

Forget about the designer label, the latest edition of Louis Vuitton ’s City Guides are luxurious in design but they aren’t just made for those who can afford to frequent one of their stores for retail therapy. On the contrary, Louis Vuitton City Guides take you on a tour around the world’s most interesting cities, telling you everything you always wanted to know about them – with a strong focus on European cities.

The guides offer a good balance between useful and trivial, yet entertaining information. Find out where to get a perfect Manhattan in Mahattan, why New York is all about apples, what role Rome and its iconic locations play in world cinema, why Hong Kong is all about Dim Sum, how to dress like a British gentleman from head to toe and where in Paris you can get a perfume custom made that will last you a lifetime.

After the 100 Legendary Trunks, The Art of Packing, and the World Tour, this is another perfectly executed travel-inspired coup of the fashion house. You can buy the guides in store and online or simply watch one beautifully made video teaser after the other.

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