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First China-Arab Fair to be held in Yinchuan in September

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According to the announcement, this first expo of the two countries is based on the principle of “Inheriting friendship, deepening cooperation and promoting common development” with a general theme as “Hand in hand, facing the world”. Emphasises will be therefore put on series of activities in the agriculture, energy and new technologies, cultural and educational tourism, finance & economics and other key areas, aiming at achieving further and deeper cooperation between the two nations.

1250228713320_us_backyard1_2703Chairman of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Liu Hui indicated that Ningxia was the only provincial Hui Autonomous Region with a great location in the heart of the New Eurasia Continental Bridges within domestic segment, a region that was benefit from abundant resources in energy, agriculture and tourism. Ningxia is seen as a tourism destination with its own typical features and characteristics in the western part.

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