Danish Hotel Guests Most Honest; Americans Come in 23rd Place

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Many travelers revel in opening their hotel room door and taking in all the wonderful amenities – a plush robe, gourmet coffee, luxury bedding – that make the room feel like home, or even better. However, 35 percent of global travelers take it one step further and take these amenities to their home according to a recent survey by leading online accommodation booking service Hotels.com®.

While a majority of hotel guests globally (65 percent) say they’ve never pilfered an item from a hotel room – except toiletries, everyone takes those – Danish travelers come out on top as exceptionally honest with 88 percent saying they’ve never pocketed a hotel amenity. American travelers fall quite a bit further down on the list with only 66 percent saying they’ve never stolen an item from a hotel room. Here’s how the rest of the countries surveyed rank… assuming the respondents were honest about their own sticky finger tendencies!

The Habits of Sticky-Fingered Global Travelers
Rank (by honesty) Country Percent that have never
pocketed hotel property
Most commonly taken item
1 Denmark 88 Magazines/books
2 Netherlands 85 Magazines/books
3 Norway 84 Linens/towels
4 Brazil 81 Magazines/books
Canada (Quebec) 81 Linens/towels
Hong Kong 81 Linens/towels
7 Italy 80 Linens/towels
8 Russia 79 Magazines/books
9 Taiwan 78 Magazines/books
South Korea 78 Magazines/books
11 Argentina 77 Magazines/books
Singapore 77 Magazines/books
13 Ireland 75 Linens/towels
14 UK 74 Magazines/books
15 Switzerland 73 Magazines/books
New Zealand 73 Magazines/books
Japan 73 Magazines/books
Finland 73 Magazines/books
19 Germany 72 Magazines/books
Australia 72 Magazines/books
21 France 71 Magazines/books
22 Canada (excluding Quebec) 70 Magazines/books
23 U.S. 66 Linens/towels
China 66 Furnishings (lamp, clock, artwork)
25 Sweden 65 Linens/towels
26 Spain 64 Magazines/books
27 India 62 Magazines/books
28 Mexico 60 Magazines/books
29 Colombia 43 Magazines/books


While more than a third of global travelers have stolen hotel amenities, there are a few niceties that guest are willing to pay for: a room with a view (29 percent) and a balcony (17 percent) came out on top.

The Hotels.com 2013 Amenities Survey also revealed that free Wi-Fi is king when it comes to must-have hotel amenities.

  • 34 percent say free Wi-Fi is the number one factor in choosing a hotel even on leisure stays.
  • 56 percent of respondents said free Wi-Fi is their number one must-have when traveling for business.
  • 66 percent indicated free Wi-Fi is the amenity they most wish would become standard at all hotels in 2013.

Creature comforts of home and food are also high on the priority list for travelers:

  • 23 percent chose high-end coffee makers as their top modern in hotel room amenity.
  • 43 percent said complimentary bottled water is the most appreciated simple amenity.
  • Happy hours, wine tastings or any other time with free food and drinks is 42 percent of global travelers’ favorite newly offered hotel service amenity.
  • 23 percent cite unlimited free food and beverages as their most missed comfort from home when traveling.

Source: hospitalitynet.org

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