Russian Investors Explores the Seychelles Possibility


A group of Investors from St Petersburg Russia are in Seychelles to explore possibilities for serious investments. The group of Russian Investors are being guided by Victoria Contoret and Gwilym Sicobo from the Seychelles Investment Specialists (SIC Corporation) from the Czech Republic.

Gwilym Sicobo is also the Seychelles Tourism Ambassador in the Czech Republic.

At a working dinner at Eden Island the Russian Investors were welcomed by Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism & Culture in the presence of Peter Smith of Eden Island and Daniel Belle, the known Seychellois Lawyer. “As we take the opportunity tonight to welcome you to Seychelles, we need to state that we are one of the very few countries where you will today receive the following incentives as investors:- Seychelles is a safe country and Seychelles assures you that no currency control exists giving you the liberty to repatriate your investments when and as you so desire” Minister St.Ange said.

The Minister then went on to talk about the unique selling points of Seychelles and tabled possibilities for investments. “Government will only play the role of the facilitator, but it is through our local lawyers or agents like Daniel Belle here with us tonight, that you will seal your deals or move your investment inquiries in Seychelles forward. It is important for you all to appreciate that in Seychelles a public/private sector partnership exists. The public sector, the Government opens the doors and the private sector concludes the deal with you and for you” Minister St.Ange said.

The Group of Investors from St Petersburg in Russia will also be meeting with the Minister of Finance, Mr Pierre Laporte, the Minister for Natural Resources, Mr Peter Sinon, Mrs Shirin Renaud of the Seychelles Investment Bureau and Ms Carolyn Abel of the Central Bank of Seychelles and they will tour the main three main islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.

At the welcome working dinner at Eden Island, it was agreed by the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism & Culture and the Russian Investors that an Information Center would be set up in St Petersburg in Russia with the assistance of the ‘Saint Petersburg Consortium of Enterprise’ and an Information Desk set up for Russian Investors here in Seychelles and that the ‘Saint Petersburg Consortium of Enterprise’ would assist the Seychelles Tourism Board to have a Russian version of their Information Website and to have promotional material translated into the Russian language.

Russia is a growing tourism market for Seychelles and the island’s Tourism Board had already decided to dedicate more resources to help consolidate that market.

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