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Smallest Hotel in the World

London Welcomes the Smallest Hotel in the World

Visit London and Radisson Edwardian are bringing the smallest hotel in the world to London in a bid to highlight the capital’s main tourist attractions.

Essentially a modified American Airstream trailer, the pint-sized property will open from March 15 for five nights only. Guests staying at the “hotel” will find themselves waking up on the doorstep of a different tourist spot each day beginning with London Zoo.

The London Eye, Alexandra Palace, Covent Garden and the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, are also set to host the jazzed-up caravan before it closes on March 19.

Thanks to Radisson Edwardian, the trailer has been kitted out with all the facilities, amenities and toiletries you’d expect of an up-market bedroom suite. There’ll even be a concierge and check-in desk outside, complete with mini red carpet.

Linda Plant, Radisson Edwardian’s marketing director, said its Bloomsbury property was the inspiration for the design of the 19sqm hotel.

Unfortunately, no amount of money can buy a stay in the pint-sized property, as nights will be given to the lucky winners of online competition.

While Visit London says it has the smallest pop-up hotel in the world, it cannot lay claim to the smallest hotel in the world. That honour, it says, rests with a 56sqm property in Bavaria, Germany.

Visit London will highlight the growing “pop-up” movement, a trend-driven phenomenon in which restaurants and shops literally pop up and disappear overnight, with little or no warning.


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