Sleepbox Hotel Tverskaya. First capsule hotel opens in Russian capital

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Small rooms, narrow windows and little furniture –it’s a brand-new capsule hotel in central Moscow. Located just minutes away from Kremlin on Tverskaya street, close to railway station,  the new Sleepbox hotel is the first of its kind in Moscow.

sleepboxIt probably will not win your heart with a nice view, but it does promise to be a unique experience.

Based on the concept of Japanese “capsule hotels,” each 2–meter sleepbox contains a bed, shelf, lamp, small wardrobe, table, mirror and Wi-Fi of course. That’s enough space to sleep and work if needed for one night.

The Sleepbox hotel offers standard rooms with double beds (about 85 $) and suite bathrooms (the capsules don’t have bathrooms). But this room will cost almost two times more – around $160.

In Japan, such hotels may have up to 600 sleepboxes and they are usually located near railway stations.  One such hotel was installed at Moscow’s SheremetyevoAirport in April, but it has not proved particularly popular due to its location.

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